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Verre Eglomise is a technique used to apply gold leaf to the surface of glass.
The process involves using a gelatine adhesive to affix the gold leaf
to the surface of the glass, which is then engraved and painted. The
result is a beautiful and intricate design that can be used for
decorative purposes, or to create a unique piece of art. Verre Eglomise
has a long history, dating back to the late 19th century, and is still
used today to create stunning works of art.

Our Mirror Collection

Verre Églomisé Vincent Van Gogh The Factory 24k Gold

  • Hand Made

    Each art object in our collection is hand-crafted in our studio in Edinburgh with exceptional designs and quality selected materials, including 24K gold

  • Unique Art Pieces

    Our Verre Eglomisé collection is totally unique. We create only one version of an art piece and never repeat our work. You'll never find a copy

  • Exclusive Technique

    For the past seven years, our studio has designed Verre Eglomisé art, and we have devised an exclusive approach to the gilding process

About Our Studio

The Verre Eglomise process involves applying gilding to the back of a glass to create a mirror-like finish and can be enhanced with painting and screen printing for decorative designs. The handmade technique creates a unique texture in the mirror that changes depending on the viewing angle, and various colours can be achieved using different precious metals and pigments.

At Aurum Mirrors, we have modernised this ancient process by focusing on intricate textures and colours while maintaining a simple and clean design.

Our Eglomise mirrors combine a mirror and a work of art seamlessly.
Typically used for decorative glass, such as wall mirrors, the Verre Eglomise technique applies gold and silver leaf to the glass surface, resulting in a reflective metal coating. However, this is a time-consuming process.